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Poetry + Art Gallery Tour - CENTER

Starts: 13:30
Ends: 16:00
Location: Ro Foyer, Ro Theater

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The tour starts at 13:30, you will depart from festival location Ro Theater at the William Boothlaan. You will explore different galleries in Rotterdam, on a (rental) bike and with a guide by your side. At some galleries festival poets or spoken word artists of the 010 Says it All fringe festival will read poems. During this route you will visit the following galleries and poets:

Galerie Zic Zerp – Marianne Morris (Canada / Groot -Brittanië)
Cokkie Snoei – Chris Blok (010 Says it All)
Galerie Christian Ouwens
Phoebus Rotterdam
Kunsthal – Melanin Kris (Surinam)
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

The Poetry + Art Gallery Tour is free, however it is advised to reserve as there is a limited amount of places and rental bikes. You can make a reservation via the red button above labelled "Order tickets".


Galerie Zic Zerp
Mind's Eye – Peter Riss, Michiel van Bakel, Jelle Rietveld – 7th May to 4th June 2017

Intangible forces, suppressed desires and hidden emotions form the starting point of this exhibition. By transcending the sensory perception of sight, the visible is made invisible. The works show a kaleidoscopic variety of approaches that continuously seem to shift, like images before the mind's eye.

Located in the centre of Rotterdam, ZERP Gallery is committed to supporting contemporary artists in the early stages of their development. Website Galerie Zerp

Cokkie Snoei
'ik?' ('me?') – C.A. Wertheim –28th May to 3rd June 2017

For decades, C.A. Wertheim has produced self-portraits in all sorts of materials and all kinds of styles.  The self-portraits that are on display in this exhibition get under the skin of the spectator; they relate to sickness, transience, insecurity and fear, but Wertheim makes a point of addressing these issues with humour and a sense of perspective.

Cokkie Snoei mixes experiment with tradition, finesse with the conceptual and style with attitude. Website Cokkie Snoei

Galerie Christian Ouwens
WATERCOLOURS – Joris Geurts – 22nd April to 3rd June 2017
TYPOETRY - Erik de Vlaam - 30th May to 3rd June 2017

The abstract and dreamy aquarelles of Joris Geurts (1958) are memories, landscapes or a cosmos that is partly extinguished. His deliberate pencil strokes fade across an elongated surface, often referring to nature, sometimes nostalgically. His work is inspired by travel, vast plains, wide vistas. Themes like dreams and transience  but also poetry are at the core of his work.

The graphic objects of Erik de Vlaam (1977), a graphic designer who graduated cum laude from the Willem de Kooning Academy and is now senior designer at Studio Dumbar, form a critical world view. De Vlaam's works display mixed feelings by using shapes and words that come from society itself. De Vlaam's objects clearly show his graphic background; composition, colour, typography and perspective are all essential elements. In his work, he prefers strong abstract shapes, emphasised by bright colour compositions. His objects refer to a society full of contrast.

Christian Ouwens is a graphic designer, publisher and gallery owner, specialised in contemporary art and Dutch design. Since 1999 the gallery presents a high-quality selection of autonomous and applied art.  Website Galerie Christian Ouwens

Phoebus Rotterdam
More information will follow

Burma Storybook – Dana Lixenberg –28 mei t/m 30 augustus 2017

Through years of isolation, poetry has become Myanmar's most popular art form. As a result of the recent political and economic transition, the book Burma Storybook offers a unique perspective of poetry in modern-day Myanmar. With portraits of seventeen influential poets from Myanmar by renowned Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg, the Kunsthal will be part of the Poetry + Art Gallery Tour for the third time.

The Kunsthal Rotterdam occupies a unique position in the Dutch cultural sector. By presenting a wide-ranging programme of high-profile exhibitions and activities and always multiple exhibitions at the same time, the Kunsthal uses innovative ways to attract an ever-growing audience.  Website Kunsthal Rotterdam

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
THE NUDE AND THE SAP – Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel – 14th April to 9th July

The text Eupalinos, or the Architect by French poet Paul Valéry, commissioned as an introduction to the first edition of the review Architectures (1921), runs in parallel to Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel's THE NUDE AND THE SAP, an exhibition gathering existing and new works by the artist duo. Throughout the works on view runs an interest in the fluids (water, urine, sap, oil) that emerge from the materials used and the bodies that have had a hand in their shaping.

Witte de With is a public institution in the field of contemporary art and its related discourses. Critical reflection on timely issues through curated exhibitions, theoretical and educational programs and a bold publishing arm is core to its mission. Website Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

 13:30 - 16:00 
Ro Foyer

Marianne Morris, Melanin Kris, Chris Blok (010 Says it All)
Marianne Morris

Mind's Eye - Gallery Zic Zerp

Good hair day by C.A. Wertheim - Cokkie Snoei

Erik de Vlaam - Gallery Christian Ouwens

Hans Stevens - PHOEBUS

Photography: Dana Lixenberg - Kunsthal

Daniel Dewar & Gregory Gicquel - Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn - Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

 13:30 - 16:00 
Ro Foyer

Marianne Morris, Melanin Kris, Chris Blok (010 Says it All)