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Poetry + Art Gallery Tour - SOUTH - Poetry International
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Poetry + Art Gallery Tour - SOUTH

Starts: 13:30
Ends: 16:00
Location: Ro Foyer, Ro Theater

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The tour starts at 13:30, you will depart from festival location Ro Theater at the William Boothlaan. You will explore different galleries in Rotterdam, on a (rental) bike and with a guide by your side. At some galleries festival poets or spoken word artists of the 010 Says it All fringe festival will read poems. During this route you will visit the following galleries and poets:

Galerie V'Arts – Roberto Amato (Italy)
Walgenbach Art & Books
Kunsthal – Melanin Kris (Surinam)
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

The Poetry + Art Gallery Tour is free, however it is advised to reserve as there is a limited amount of places and rental bikes. You can make a reservation via the red button above labelled "Order tickets".


Galerie V'Arts
Manuel Kneepkens – May 6th  to June 30th 2017

Manuel Kneepkens is a visual artist and poet. On the 26th February of this year he had his 75th birthday; this exhibition will be in celebration of this memorable occasion.

V'Arts offers a platform for established as well as unknown younger and older artists so that their work can be presented to a broad and diverse audience. Website Galerie V'Arts

Giuseppe Licari – DIVERSITEIT – De stad als verborgen tuin (DIVERSITY – the city as a hidden garden) – 20th May to 1st July 2017

'Diversiteit' is a project by gallery Hommes and Giuseppe Licari. It focusses on the urban nature of Charlois and Rotterdam and attempts to give its inhabitants a different perspective on their living environment and teach them about nature in their surroundings.

Gallery Hommes combines a welcoming atmosphere with artistic presentations by a wide range of local talent. The gallery's artists primarily create figurative works that show an interest in universal and human themes.  Website Hommes

Walgenbach Art & Books
Karel Kindermans – Couleur Locale & Dichtersportretten ('Couleur Locale' & portraits of poets)

Karel Kindermans is a designer and illustrator who brings stories from afar closer to home through his drawings. His work is based on research, drawing is his method. Home to 174 nationalities, Rotterdam became Kindermans' field of exploration. He watched and listened. The drawn up stories form the couleur locale of the city. 

Walgenbach Art & Books is specialized in books on artists and artbooks, visual art and photography. Next to this, small exhibitions of remarkable artists are organized.  Website Walgenbach Art & Books

Robin Hood and 100,000 past exhibitions - 12th May to 1st July
Hans Walgenbach / Faysal Mroueh / Isabelle Sully / Micha Zweifel

For decades Hans Walgenbach dutifully conserved invitations to gallery openings as he received them. With the passing of time, the many hundreds of thousands of formal requests that he amassed have shaped into a collection of tangible relics from an otherwise intangible history.

Young locally based international artists Faysal Mroueh, Isabelle Sully, and Micha Zweifel were invited to rummage unguided through Walgenbach's archive. The long-expired invitations originally meant for Walgenbach and his contemporaries years ago are now given a second opportunity to request participation in present exhibitions and spaces. Mroueh, Sully and Zweifel attempt to (re)produce history from the remains they scavenged seemingly at random and present their own interpretations of the moment enshrined by the collection.

Burma Storybook – Dana Lixenberg –28 mei t/m 30 augustus 2017

Through years of isolation, poetry has become Myanmar's most popular art form. As a result of the recent political and economic transition, the book Burma Storybook offers a unique perspective of poetry in modern-day Myanmar. With portraits of seventeen influential poets from Myanmar by renowned Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg, the Kunsthal will be part of the Poetry + Art Gallery Tour for the third time.

The Kunsthal Rotterdam occupies a unique position in the Dutch cultural sector. By presenting a wide-ranging programme of high-profile exhibitions and activities and always multiple exhibitions at the same time, the Kunsthal uses innovative ways to attract an ever-growing audience.  Website Kunsthal Rotterdam

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
THE NUDE AND THE SAP – Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel – 14th April to 9th July

The text Eupalinos, or the Architect by French poet Paul Valéry, commissioned as an introduction to the first edition of the review Architectures (1921), runs in parallel to Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel's THE NUDE AND THE SAP, an exhibition gathering existing and new works by the artist duo. Throughout the works on view runs an interest in the fluids (water, urine, sap, oil) that emerge from the materials used and the bodies that have had a hand in their shaping.

Witte de With is a public institution in the field of contemporary art and its related discourses. Critical reflection on timely issues through curated exhibitions, theoretical and educational programs and a bold publishing arm is core to its mission. Website Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

 13:30 - 16:00 
Ro Foyer
Roberto Amato

Manuel Kneepkens - Gallery V'Arts

Giuseppe Licari - Gallery Hommes

Karel Kindermans - Walgenbach Art & Books

Robin Hood and 100 000 past exhibitions - RIB

Photography: Dana Lixenberg - Kunsthal

 13:30 - 16:00 
Ro Foyer