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Poetry + Art Gallery Tour - WEST

Starts: 13:30
Ends: 16:00
Location: Ro Foyer, Ro Theater

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The tour starts at 13:30, you will depart from festival location Ro Theater at the William Boothlaan. You will explore different galleries in Rotterdam, on a (rental) bike and with a guide by your side. At some galleries festival poets or spoken word artists  het werk passende gedichten voor. Op deze route treft u de volgende galeries en dichters:

Galerie Rianne Groen
Joey Ramone – Zang Di (China)
Frank Taal
Studio Seine – Margarida Vale de Gato (Portugal)
Witte de With Center
TENT – Winnaar C. Buddingh'-prijs / Chery + Pilly Serson (010 Says it All)

The Poetry + Art Gallery Tour is free, however it is advised to reserve as there is a limited amount of places and rental bikes. You can make a reservation via the red button above labelled "Order tickets".


Galerie Rianne Groen
Chinese Whispers – Bernice Nauta, David Bernstein, Rosa Sijben, Wouter Venema – 29th April to 4th June 2017

The art of storytelling is as old as mankind. In every culture, people share stories. Stories can be transmitted in many forms: by word of mouth, written language or improvisation, by using objects or a lot of theatre. Which form we choose is inextricably linked to our world view and culture. In this exhibition, four artists give their view on this subject by means of various media and performances.

Gallery Rianne Groen is a hybrid exhibition space for a young generation of artists. Website Galerie Rianne Groen

Joey Ramone
Seen but Unnoticed – Harm Weistra – 20th May to 1st July 2017

The title of the exhibition Seen but Unnoticed targets the tipping point where images of conflict and war no longer leave traces in our mind. Although observed, the images aren't consciously perceived anymore. The works that constitute Seen but Unnoticed investigate how we're getting accustomed to violence, cruelty, and war. The 24/7 availability of the image driven digital media, undoubtedly strengthen habituation and shorten the time span in which we lose attention.

JOEY RAMONE was launched on February 2012 at the very center of Rotterdam. Co-founded by Dutch gallerist Hans Bakker & Greek artist Kiki Petratou the gallery is committed to developing an ambitious and vibrant multidisciplinary and cross-generational program. Website Joey Ramone

Frank Taal
Other Spaces - Georg Bohle – 21th April to 3rd June 2017

Georg Bohle (1977, DE) views the built environment and pristine landscapes as cultural metaphors that provide a context for his work. Some of Bohle's drawings show graphic interpretations of textures and compositional structures from man-made agglomerations.

With the eight to ten exhibitions it puts on each year Gallery Frank Taal is able to represent a broad spectrum of disciplines from all areas of contemporary art. In each exhibition the emphasis is upon the overall view. Every endeavour is made to either achieve perfect harmony or to produce exhibitions with an element of tension. Website Frank Taal

Studio Seine
Deemstering (Twilight) – Carolina Koster and Arjan Janssen – 19th May to 16th July 2017

Gathering dusk. Twilight. The transition between light and dark. Melancholy. The slumbering awareness of an impending goodbye. These are several exploratory ways to characterize the exhibition of Carolina Koster and Arjan Janssen in Studio Seine.

Studio Seine is an exhibition space for modern, contemporary art. It is located on the Mathenesserdijk in Rotterdam's Delfshaven. Website Studio Seine

Nico Nu – 28th May to 3rd June

Nico Nu (Tours, France) is a self-taught (re)searcher. His search results in an utterly personal and colourful universe, mostly done in acrylic on wood, in a fixed palette of bright colours outlined in black. His tone is either optimistic or humorous. Nico Nu's work always relates to the space it occupies; the Cirkel (Circle) as the dot on the i of 'ik' (me), a head round as cheese, like the top-heavy head of an exorbitant personality.

Cirkel is a small-scale citizens' initiative in Rotterdam's Delfshaven that seeks to help grow and spread eco-centric awareness within the city and community. Website Cirkel

Pieter Vandermeer – tentoonstelling archief fotografie Poetry International Festival

More information will follow. Website Evermore

Burma Storybook – Dana Lixenberg –28 mei t/m 30 augustus 2017

Through years of isolation, poetry has become Myanmar's most popular art form. As a result of the recent political and economic transition, the book Burma Storybook offers a unique perspective of poetry in modern-day Myanmar. With portraits of seventeen influential poets from Myanmar by renowned Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg, the Kunsthal will be part of the Poetry + Art Gallery Tour for the third time.

The Kunsthal Rotterdam occupies a unique position in the Dutch cultural sector. By presenting a wide-ranging programme of high-profile exhibitions and activities and always multiple exhibitions at the same time, the Kunsthal uses innovative ways to attract an ever-growing audience.  Website Kunsthal Rotterdam

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
THE NUDE AND THE SAP – Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel – 14th April to 9th July

The text Eupalinos, or the Architect by French poet Paul Valéry, commissioned as an introduction to the first edition of the review Architectures (1921), runs in parallel to Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel's THE NUDE AND THE SAP, an exhibition gathering existing and new works by the artist duo. Throughout the works on view runs an interest in the fluids (water, urine, sap, oil) that emerge from the materials used and the bodies that have had a hand in their shaping.

Witte de With is a public institution in the field of contemporary art and its related discourses. Critical reflection on timely issues through curated exhibitions, theoretical and educational programs and a bold publishing arm is core to its mission. Website Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

Blue Print: Whose Urban Appropriation Is This? – 1st June to 20th August 2017

A multidisciplinary exhibition and extensive public programme exploring the relationship between architecture and present-day street culture. The exhibition's paintings, installations, videos, lectures, discussions, performances, and music provide contemporary perspectives on what urban appropriation means for urban arts and culture.

TENT is a platform for 100% contemporary art that has its roots in Rotterdam. It connects the art of the city to events occurring in the wider world. Website TENT

 13:30 - 16:00 
Ro Foyer

Margarida Vale de Gato, Zang Di, Winnaar C. Buddingh’-prijs, Chery + Pilly Serson (010 Says it All)
Margarida Vale de Gato
Zang Di

Chinese Whispers - Gallery Rianne Groen

Harm Weistra - Joey Ramone

Arjan Janssen - Studio Seine

Nico Nu - Cirkel

Picture Pieter Vandermeer - Evermore

Photography: Dana Lixenberg - Kunsthal

Daniel Dewar & Gregory Gicquel - Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn - Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

 13:30 - 16:00 
Ro Foyer

Margarida Vale de Gato, Zang Di, Winnaar C. Buddingh’-prijs, Chery + Pilly Serson (010 Says it All)