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Mischa Andriessen

Mischa Andriessen

(Netherlands, 1970)

The work of Mischa Andriessen leaves much to be guessed or, in other words, leaves a lot open, and this is precisely the strength of his work. Sentences which are often factual and measured disclose a world with an obscure setting which unrelentingly and with obvious logic thrusts itself upon the characters, threatening at times, and usually irrefutable, although we would not be able to say why this is the case. The behaviours and allegations of the characters in the poems are recognisable but appear in a context which is strange for us. In this Andriessen reflects, in a wilful and confrontational manner, in mobile and imaginative formulations, the everyday reality in which we live. Everything that is the case roars away over us, and Andriessen's poems give us a more acute view of how the human perspective regularly comes off worse in this.

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