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In Other Words 2018

Poetry translation project open to all levels
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From 29 May till 3 June, Poetry International will bring some of the most prominent contemporary poets worldwide to Rotterdam for the 49th Poetry International Festival. This means it’s also time for a new edition of the translation project 'In Other Words'. At Poetry International translating poetry is not just reserved for professional translaters. For this project we have selected a group of poems that translators of all levels can try their hand on. You can choose to translate these poems on your own, or within a group. Sign up, download your favorite poems, and get started!

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Through 'In Other Words', Poetry International invites lovers of poetry, language and translation to translate poems from the poets who will perform at our upcoming festival. You will find their poems online at the end of March. These poems range from English, french, spanish, German, Burmese, Portugese, Occitan, Arabic and Dutch. You may translate these into Dutch or English, or opt for another language altogether.

Participation in 'In Other Words' is completely free of charge, and you can begin and work at your own pace. After you complete your registration (for which we will send out invitations and announce via social media at the end of March), you will receive a password that allows you to view the possible poems for translation.

You will also receive an email inviting you to sign up for a workshop session – with the poet and their professional translator in attendance – to be held on Friday 1 June, during the Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam. There you will be able to discuss the poetry, raise perplexing translation issues and brainstorm possible solutions. Per session, a maximum of 15 spots are available, so don't wait to sign up!

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