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Across borders and within
Batsheva Dori-Carlier
(Israel, 1970)
By Lisa Katz “The phenomenon of poetry can be divided into two types”, says one Israeli reviewer of Batsheva Dori-Carlier’s debut book, Soul Search, winner of the 2015 Helicon Ramy Ditzanny Prize for emerging authors: “Those who write following a particular experience, and those who write upon a rush of feeling. Dori-Carlier’s lovely volume was written on the heels of explicit situations, creating exact, restrained work, from which the reader may practically map her biography”.

Yonatan Berg
(Israel, 1981)
By Lisa Katz About Yonatan Berg’s work, fellow poet Eli Eliahu says that “it is written from a broad historical perspective and a universal human point of view, without conceding his own personal story”. The youngest person ever awarded the Yehuda Amichai Poetry Prize, and whose first novel won the competition for debut writers held by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with  Am Oved Press, Berg was born in Jerusalem to parents of Ukrainian and German descent. His father emigrated from Odessa to Israel  in the 1970s; his mother’s family has roots in Hamburg and …

On religion and nationalism and poetry
18 APRIL 2017 by Eli Eliahu “When I was 16 a neighbor made a remark that stung me,” Yonatan Berg told poet and Haaretz editor Eli Eliahu in 2012, when Hard Sails, his first volume of poetry, appeared. The neighbor “said, ‘You should know that the Israelis who come to the settlement Psagot … also see a refugee camp in front of their eyes.’ Suddenly I began to understand the tension between our lives here and the Palestinian population and I began to say what I thought about it”.

18 APRIL 2017 by Noa Shakargy Over the last decade, poetry that deals with the Israeli-Arab conflict, the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories or, in short, the existence of two warring nations here, has become invisible. Israeli political poetry has a rich history, including Hebrew poets as renowned as Chaim Nachman Bialik, Uri Zvi Greenberg, Yehuda Amichai and many others. It is hard to discount the importance of political poetry in a place like Israel, where this battle continues unresolved, covered in blood. And so there is a particular need to to step back, to be ambitious, and take a look at what is …

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