4 Chinese poets from the PI Festival archive

25 JULY 2016 by Poetry International

This week we feature 4 Chinese poets who were guests at the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam previously. Zheng Min (1984, 1994), Duo Duo (1989, 1990, 1996), Wang Jiaxin (1992) & Song Lin (1992). You can read new translations and listen to recordings from the festival archive.

From the 1st of August we will feature 3 new Chinese poets.

Zheng Min
(China, 1920)
by Poetryeastwest.com Zheng Min 郑敏 was born in Fujian,  graduated from Southwest United University in 1943, and then went to study literature and philosophy at Brown University, USA earning a master's degree in 1952. She returned to China in 1955 and has been …

Duo Duo
(China, 1951)
by Poetryeastwest.com Duo Duo 多多 (penname for Li Shizheng 栗世征) grew up in the years when China was going through historical changes. He was born in 1951, shortly after the turnover of political power in 1949 and a few years before the “anti-rightist” …

Wang Jiaxin
(China, 1957)
by Poetryeastwest.com Wang Jiaxin 王家新 was born in Danjiangkou, Hubei Province, and was sent to the countryside for labor after high school. When the Cultural Revolution ended he was admitted to Wuhan University in 1978 and later worked as a teacher and editor after …

Song Lin
(China, 1959)
by Dian Li Song Lin 宋琳 was born in Fujian, graduated from East China Normal University in 1983. He started writing poetry in the 1980’s and moved to Paris in 1991. After staying in France, Singapore and Argentina, he returned to China in 2003 to teach …

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