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Agi Mishol
(Romania, 1946) Possibly Israel's most popular living poet, Agi Mishol was born to Holocaust survivor parents in Transylvania, a historically Hungarian area of Romania, and was brought to Israel at the age of four. She earned her BA and MA in Hebrew Literature from the Hebrew University, her first volume of poetry appearing in 1972, and her output totalling 17 books to date. ‘[Mishol] takes up political subjects with a sly delicacy reminiscent of the Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska’s best work’, according to The New York Times. And Israeli literary scholar Dan Miron, in …

Anna Herman
(Israel, 1973)
by Lisa Katz In early 2015, as this profile was being prepared, poet Anna Herman was awarded the ACUM Prize for her third book of poetry, forthcoming this year. An editor at the noted formalist journal Ho!, she makes her living writing, editing, translating and teaching, and is a regular reviewer of children’s literature for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Her first two books, Unicorn and The book of simple remedies are two of the most interesting books of poetry to come out of Israel – and in Hebrew – in the last ten …

Rivka Miriam
(Israel, 1952)
by Lisa Katz/ When Rivka Miriam’s two-volume Collected Poems was issued in 2011, poet Almog Behar wrote, ‘A thin veil of enchantment stretches over Rivka Miriam’s poetry. You can’t explain it, because that’s how magic works: either it’s inexplicable or the explanation, if it can be made, cancels out the magic’. And indeed, her work may not be reduced to what may be the largest influences on her life, her family's European history and its observant Judaism.


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