Evening gymnastics and other mad happenings

Evening gymnastics and other mad happenings
23 JUNE 2015 by Mia You This year’s Poetry International Festival promised to give you ‘Reasons to be cheerful’ – and we hope it did – but in the end it also gave us a lot to ponder, to admire, to critique, to want to include, to reconsider, to be proud of and to improve. It also made us want to write, whether poems, essays, Facebook posts or tweets, and we are glad it sparked many of our visitors and festival participants to write as well and to continue the conversations begun in the Rotterdam Schouwburg.

Saskia Stehouwer wins the 2015 C. Buddingh’ Prize
11 JUNE 2015 Poet Saska Stehouwer (1975) was awarded the 2015 C. Buddingh’ Prize for her debut collection ‘Wachtkamers’ (Waiting rooms), from publishing house Marmer. Stehouwer won the prize for the best Dutch-language poetry debut from the previous year during an exciting ceremony on Thursday, 11 July, at the 46th Poetry International Festival. ‘Despite her very clear language, the author manages to surprise her reader permanently’, stated the jury consisting of poet and scholar Jan Baetens; Hester Knibbe, this year’s winner of the VSB Poetry Prize; and Marije Koens, …

Interview with Philip Nikolayev
24 JUNE 2015 by Lisa Katz I first met doubly hyphenated Russian-American poet-translator Philip Nikolayev online, on Facebook. His sinuous translation of an Osip Mandelshtam poem addressing Homer made its way to me via a translators’ group. For years, completely Russianless, I’ve wondered about the oft-told beauty of Russian poetry, which except perhaps for Joseph Brodsky, hardly speaks to me in English translation. I was caught by the manipulation of sound and thought evident in the first line of Nikolayev’s translation: ‘Insomnia, Homer, taut sails: my lips have lisped’.


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