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49th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam

Wednesday 21 February 2018 12:02

The 49th Poetry International Festival kicks off on Tuesday May 29, with an opening program in Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg. From Wednesday May 30 up until Sunday June 3 the festival continues in Theater Rotterdam Witte de With and at several other locations in the Witte de With Quarter.

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Festival poem


anti-bird, mechanical american,   
you, without a name in my tongue,  
how come when I look at you I see myself 
as a desert-dweller    

whilst hovering above the city
where I live, you

reduce to sand,     
powerful hand     

taker of lives
where there is hardly any water,

from this water-land
I address you thirstily,

you don’t answer, extension
of what is less nameless

all the more undetectable   
and therefore as monopolic as    

death, where is your bzzzzzzz

when I close the curtains, turn off
the light tonight, which makes me sleep-

less, to all appearances recover
for yet another day

being of value in this desert-
economy, which you,

demiurge, high up
above us, grains, create and oversee?

Instagram by @poetry_int