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Poetry + Art Gallery Tour - WEST

Starts: 13:30
Ends: 16:00
Location: Theater Rotterdam - Witte De With - Foyer,

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From 30 May – 2 June, the 7th edition of Poetry + Art will take you to Rotterdam’s leading galleries to experience surprising shows at the intersection of language and contemporary art. Get on your (rental) bicycle and come seek out installations, paintings, illustrations, artist’s books and experiments in which both well-known artists and exciting newcomers explore the limits of language. Every day of the festival, you can choose one of the four routes taking you to at least four different exhibitions. A guide will point the way, and festival poets and spoken-word artists from 010 Says it all! will await you with especially crafted poems.

The WEST route departs from Theater Rotterdam's Witte de With location and stops at Galerie Rianne Groen, Joey Ramone, Galerie Frank Taal, Studio Seine, A Tale of a Tub, Kunsthal Rotterdam, V2_ and TENT.

Readings in this tour;
Galerie Frank Taal - Miguel Manso
TENT - Lies van Gasse & Yass Lines

Galerie Rianne Groen > Babs Bleeker Solo
Bleeker's work is saturated with the aesthetics of digital culture, foregrounding her identity as a young LGBT woman in the age of Instagram.

Joey Ramone > Roi Alter – Ambulance Heaven / Alice Guareschi – Sculpture As Stranger
Roi Alter's work undermines all that is considered self-evident, including social standards, common concepts and ruling production structures. Alice Guareschi uses her work to study different means and forms of recording time and space, the things that remain off-screen, words that create unintended images, paradoxes, and strange languages she cannot completely understand.

Galerie Frank Taal > Tom Woestenborghs – Fool's  Paradise
In his third solo show at Galerie Frank Taal, Tom Woestenborghs presents an entirely new series of works.

Studio Seine > Anamnesis
Five young artists collaborate based on their shared kinship regarding the themes of ephemerality, transience and memory. Artists: Robin Gerris, Maria Kokkonen, Didi Lehnhausen, Matthias Schaareman and Lisette Schumacher

A Tale of a Tub > Assemblages of Intimacy
Using performance, sculpture, video and poetry, artists Abbas Akhavan, Eamonn Harnett, Mikhail Karikis and Eric Peter question the shifting relationship between culture and nature, studying its effects on our ideas about collectivity and revolution.

All routes stop by:

Kunsthal Rotterdam > KAMP HORST
Within self-imposed restrictions KAMP HORST for each new work searches for ways to create a world that hints towards reality, but through humor, inside jokes and absurdities results in unexpected and inspiring images. KAMP HORST consist of: Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Silas Schletterer, Gees Voorhees, Johan Kleinjan, Michiel Walrave, Paul Borchers.

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media > Helen Anna Flanagan – Ist-ism
Ist-ism is a video that depicts a skeleton with an identity crisis. He walks, fluctuates, asks rhetorical questions, and uses associations and rhymes in order to understand himself and his environment.

TENT > Anytime Now
Anytime Now centres on tension and global instability. The exhibit addresses the omnipresent sense that wars, terrorism, climate change, polarization and the crumbling welfare state are all threatening people's sense of security and stability.

After the tour A Tale of a Tub presents an artist-talk with Eamonn Harnett whos film Reflections upon an unknown Country (2018) is on show in the exhibition Assemblages of Intimacy. Through a layering of personal and non-personal references of traditional world views and existing biotope systems, Harnett questions what physically and emotionally heeds us to become more involved, empathetic and at one with the natural environment. Note: this talk will be in English.

 13:30 - 16:00 
Theater Rotterdam - Witte De With - Foyer

Lies Van Gasse, Miguel-Manso, Yass Lines i.s.m. 010 Says it all
Lies Van Gasse

Yass Lines (010 Says It All)


Children of Unquiet > Mikhail Karikis@Tale of a Tub

Chinezen - Johan Kleinjan@Gallery Untitled

Thomson Ctaighead @ TENT

 13:30 - 16:00 
Theater Rotterdam - Witte De With - Foyer

Lies Van Gasse, Miguel-Manso, Yass Lines i.s.m. 010 Says it all