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49th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam

Wednesday 21 February 2018 12:02

Any meeting with a poem carries a certain danger, as those few lines just may stick with you for the rest of your life. Before you know it, you’ve got another goal. One you never even knew would suit you. Suddenly boundaries have to be moved, aspirations realised, visions expressed, and dreams chased. Yes, you need to watch out for those poets. For the 49th time they will convene in Rotterdam, their bags full of those kinds of astonishing, hope-inspiring, rage-inducing, uniting and disjointing lines. Every poem is a world unto itself. So there’s a lot to discover, meet, discuss and celebrate at the 49th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam. Let’s meet between the lines!

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Festival poem


anti-bird, mechanical american,   
you, without a name in my tongue,  
how come when I look at you I see myself 
as a desert-dweller    

whilst hovering above the city
where I live, you

reduce to sand,     
powerful hand     

taker of lives
where there is hardly any water,

from this water-land
I address you thirstily,

you don’t answer, extension
of what is less nameless

all the more undetectable   
and therefore as monopolic as    

death, where is your bzzzzzzz

when I close the curtains, turn off
the light tonight, which makes me sleep-

less, to all appearances recover
for yet another day

being of value in this desert-
economy, which you,

demiurge, high up
above us, grains, create and oversee?

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Leve de beperking! Poëzie op concept

wo 30 juni, 21:30 uur
Theater Witte de With - zaal