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In Other Words 2014

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Julian Brolaski (United States of America).

This year from 10 to 14 June dozens of the world’s best poets will travel to Rotterdam to attend the 45th Poetry International Festival. That also means it is time for a new edition of the translation project In Other Words.

Of course, poetry translation is not only reserved for the professionals. With the translation project In Other Words, Poetry International invites all lovers of language, poetry and translation to try their own hand at translating the work of the festival poets. While you are working on your translation, you will learn about the dilemmas professional translators face, and about the importance of creativity in a translation. Besides that, translating represents a thorough reading of poetry that makes the relationship between meaning, syntax, rhythm and sound clearer. And that makes In Other Words extra special, because you will potentially have the opportunity to meet the poet and the festival translator. During the festival, participants can register for workshops to discuss their experiences and difficulties with the poet they translated and his or her translator. 

In Other Words is meant for everyone with a love for poetry, language and translation. Participation is free. You can register at this link and find more detailed instructions about how the project works at this link.

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Picture: festival poet Julian Talamantez Brolaski (USA). The translation project In Other Words is made possible by Stichting Literaire Rechten Auteurs (LIRA).

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