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Speech of Tears

Seven Songs about Death

 Speech of Tears >

Poems by Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen set to music by Knut Vaage. Listen to it here.

for soprano, reciter, alto saxophone and piano
version 31.12.2012

Premiered at Oslo Internasjonale Poesifestival 14 October 2012
Participants: Siri Torjesen, Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, Rolf Erik Nystrøm and Knut Vaage

Commissioned by Oslo Internasjonale Poesifestival, represented by Birgit Hatlehol
Financed by Norsk Kulturråd

music: Knut Vaage

poems: Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen
(from Erfaring og forsvinning)

Siri Torjesen, vocals

Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, recitation

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, alto saxophone

Knut Vaage, piano

Recording NOTAM, Cato Langnes and Lasse Passage

Mixing, editing and mastering NOTAM, Cato Langnes

The recording was supported by NKF, KHiO and NOTAM            


Royalties protected by TONO, P.b. 9171, Grønland, N-0134 OSLO,
Score and parts at Music Information Centre Norway,
P.Box 2674 Solli, N-0203 OSLO,
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© Liesbeth Huijer  

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