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Below, we have listed various interesting Moroccan poetry websites.
Each description also mentions the language(s) in which the site is available.

The House of Poetry in Morocco
The website of the House of Poetry in Morocco gives a general idea about the different activities of the House of Poetry in Morocco. It also introduces Moroccan poetry in its diversity to the Arabic reader.
Language: Arabic, English, French introduces Modern Arab poetry, and gives a systematic follow-up of the general development, trends, and variety of Modern Arab Poetry.
Language: Arabic, English

Moroccan Contemporary Poetry
A Moroccan poetry site that presents the poetry of some of the most eminent poets on the Moroccan contemporary scene.
Language: French

The Union of Moroccan Writers
Unecma is the official website of Moroccan writers (including poets) in Arabic, French, and Berber. It is a very good site so far as documentation on Moroccan writers is concerned.
Language: Arabic

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