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“Language speaks us”

“Language speaks us”
12 NOVEMBER 2018 by Abol Froushan “When we humans confront what we call a poetic text, it talks us and our world into a new focus, regardless of whether it was made by human or robot. Now what makes a text poetic is something I leave to the literary audience, but what makes us relate to it in this way is the very fact that we are human and very much born into language.” – Abol Froushan

Can computers write free verse?
by Abol Froushan It is possible to assert about human-machine symbiosis that we have arrived at a new era. Machines are no longer parasitic to the human operator. They are increasingly autonomous black boxes with various outputs simulating forms of consciousness – …

Poetry and Artificial Intelligence are tricky to define
by Eran Hadas “We believe that poetry transmits an emotional message from one person to another which bears a distinctive token of humanity, something that only a human soul can convey and share with another human soul... [Now] new tools provide an …

AI poetry in full bloom in Japan
by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto “You feel some presence behind the text that integrates each part, and that presence is something that should be called human unconsciousness or simply humanity... Our unconscious does not mean ‘no consciousness’. I believe, in …
Jottings on poetry and selfhood
by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto 1. Shuntaro Tanikawa, a leading contemporary Japanese poet, shocked and upset fellow poets in the 1980s with the verse line, “I have nothing to write”. A decade later I wrote a poem titled ‘Thus spake Electric Boy Tron’ in …

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