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Going for gold from 13 - 16 June!

50th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam
16 JANUARY 2019

This year, the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam turns 50! The milestone makes it the oldest festival in the city, and one of the oldest in the country, with a wealth of history and highlights. Nobel Prize-winning poets once stood on Poetry’s stages as bright young talents, and the festival is both a shining example for, and founding parent of, poetry festivals worldwide. Poetry International celebrates its golden anniversary with an extra festive edition at Concertgebouw De Doelen, which also hosted the debut festival back in 1970. Trailblazing poets will deliver transformative work thrumming with the now. Unique fusions of poetry by engaging artists from the worlds of music, cinema, and dance amplify the power, the beauty, and the personal impact of poetry, here in the form of an intimate reading or workshop, there as a multidisciplinary theatrical poetry spectacle. Right in the heart of the city, inviting, challenging, unmissable.

PIW interview with Yumi Fuzuki
18 MARCH 2019 by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto Yumi Fuzuki’s 2009 debut book created a sensation among Japanese poets, who are increasingly aged, this interviewer included. Not just because she won some of the most prestigious poetry awards while still in high school, but also because her poems demonstrated an exceptionally high level of technical achievement. It was like the time that Nadia Comaneci emerged seemingly out of nowhere at the Montreal Olympics and scored a perfect 10. (And that was years before Fuzuki was born.) Several years after her first book was published, I went to Waseda University in Tokyo to give a …


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