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Tariro Ndoro
(Zimbabwe, 1991)
By Togara Muzanenhamo Tariro Ndoro, whose forthcoming collection explores themes of language, identity and dislocation, is a poet and short story writer. Her poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies including 2015 Best New Poets Anthology, Kotaz, The Kalahari Review, New Coin Poetry, New Contrast, Oxford Poetry, Puerto del Sol and the Zimbolicious Poetry Anthology. She was shortlisted for the 2018 Babishai Niwe Poetry Prize. Tariro earned a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Rhodes University in 2015 and participated in a …

Tsitsi Jaji
(Zimbabwe, 1976)
By Irene Staunton/Togara Muzanenhamo Tsitsi Jaji was born at Nyadire Mission and raised in Harare. After completing her A-levels on a scholarship at Arundel, she moved to the U.S. to study piano and literature at Oberlin College. She earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Cornell University. Many of her poems are inspired by music and the experience of living in the diaspora. Jaji’s collection, Beating the Graves, was published in 2017 after receiving an honorable mention for the 2015 Sillerman Prize. In ‘Our Embrace’, published here, she writes, “Our tongue in common remains …

David Mungoshi
(Zimbabwe, 1949)
By David Mungoshi/Togara Muzanenhamo David Mungoshi was born in 1949 in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This made him a fluent speaker of three languages: Shona, Ndebele and English. As Mungoshi progressed in school, he also learned Zulu, for at that time Ndebele had not yet gained recognition as a language separate and distinct from it. Thus the future writer became acquainted with literature in several languages. Mungoshi, who developed a keen sense for language, was fascinated by Ndebele praise poetry. He began to try his own hand at it when he came across ‘A God’s Error’, by the iconic Toby Tafirenyika …

Batsirai E. Chigama
(Zimbabwe, 1977)
By Togara Muzanenhamo/Irene Staunton “Batsirai E Chigama is a spoken word poet, a short story writer and a socio-political gender activist”, notes Blessing Musariri. “Gather The Children, her first collection of poems, released in March 2018, is a reflection on Zimbabwe over the last ten years; chronicling stories of displacement, loss and desperation, Chigama's work has been featured in over fifteen anthologies including State of The Nation,  (Conversation Paper Press, 2009) and War Against War,  (Mensa Press,  2010).  In 2014, Chigama was awarded second …

John Eppel
(South Africa, 1947)
By Irene Staunton/Togara Muzanenhamo Born in South Africa in 1947, John Eppel was raised in Zimbabwe, where he still lives, now retired, in Bulawayo.  Eppel’s poetry collections include Spoils of War, which won the Ingrid Jonker prize, Sonata for Matabeleland, Selected Poems: 1965 – 1995, Songs My Country Taught Me, and Landlocked: New and Selected Poems from Zimbabwe, which was a winner in the international Poetry Workshop Prize judged by Billy Collins. Furthermore he has collaborated with Philani Amadeus Nyoni  in a collection called Hewn From Rock, and with Togara …

An Irish poet in Zimbabwe
17 SEPTEMBER 2018 by Joseph Woods Joseph Woods, for many years Director of Poetry Ireland, moved to Myanmar in the years leading up to democratic elections. He now lives in Harare, Zimbabwe with his family where he works as an independent writer and editor. Woods has published three award-winning books of poetry. His fourth, Monsoon Diary, was published by Dedalus Press earlier in 2018. He’s a past winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Award and more recently, a recipient of the Katherine and Patrick Kavanagh Fellowship. “As a writer you always carry a country, or the myth of one, in your head. On arrival in …


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