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One poet wields a paintbrush, the other a camera
Nadia Adina Rose
(USSR, 1967)
By Lisa Katz Nadia Adina Rose is an Israeli poet and artist who was born in Moscow and has lived in Israel since the age of 22. Rose graduated art school in Moscow; she received a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and an MA in Art from Beit Berl College. A multi-disciplinary artist as well as a poet, she sculpts, paints, illustrates books and teaches art. Her first book of poetry, Snow Ink, received the Israeli Minister of Culture Award for debut poets. Her children’s book, And Then the Rhinoceros Began to Fly, has been translated into Portuguese and German. …

Review: a poet who knows her snow
3 DECEMBER 2018 by Shlomit Cohen-Asif Before I opened the poetry collection, Snow Ink, I wondered about its curious and tempting title. White on white? Writing on ice or water? Perhaps the intention was to write a poem and disappear without a trace. The poems in the book provide a partial answer, as in these lines: “Trees dip into the white ink of snow/ the branches’ signature as yet uncertain.”

Amichai Chasson
(Israel, 1987)
By Lisa Katz Asked by an interviewer about the unusual title of his new book, Bli ma, poet Amichai Chasson answered, he said, the only way he knew how: “indirectly”. Chasson  told Orly Goldklang of Makor Rishon that “part of the book was written when we lived in Jerusalem and the rest after we moved to the plain [between the Judean hills and the coast], and since my work remains in Jerusalem I spend a lot of time on Route 1, and when asked where I live I begin to get into difficulties. It’s a feeling I know well. As a child I was often asked about my ethnicity …

An “impressive thicket of identities”
3 DECEMBER 2018 by Revital Madar Amichai Chasson’s debut book incorporates a decade of writing that draws from a multiplicity of worlds. The book’s title, Talking with Home, is accurate not only because the poet returns home again and again in his work, but also because the worlds that nurtured him may easily be considered highly separate identities; most of the time they are viewed as such by Israeli society. Chasson, the son of an American mother and a father from Tripoli, Libya, grew up in a religiously observant home, was educated in religious institutions and is observant himself. At the same time, …


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