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The Cat Who Walks Through the Wall
Ever since she left, this cat has been coming in and out of my place
as she pleases; doors, windows, even walls can’t stop her.

When she was with me, our life made the sparrows outside the iron
gate and windows envious. She took care of me in every way, in-
cluding bringing me with her hands the crescent moon on nights
when there was a power outage, and emitting cool air by standing
next to me on humid summer nights.

I made the mistake of discussing happiness with her. That day,
contrary to my usual reticence, I said: “Happiness is the half that
people don’t have.” The next morning, she left without saying good-

She’s not the kind of woman who would write a note with lipstick
on the vanity mirror. She didn’t use a pen either. All she did was
inscribe these words on the wallpaper with her long sharp finger-
nails: “From now on, I will be your happiness, and you mine.”

Since this cat started coming in and out of my place as she pleases,
I have never really seen her, for she always comes at midnight,
leaves at daybreak.