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Before going to sleep I collect the morning papers
And push away the day’s headlines
I don’t like to remember the dates of killing and tyranny
I don’t want to know with how much bloodshed nations are being made
I turn over the pictures
A bridge is collapsing lamentation is rising
A face begging for its lifeline
A man sitting on a chair roaring in laughter

All night will a despot keep staring at me
All night shall I keep seeing displaced people roaming
Moving towards some unknown arid land
All night will my breath suffocate due to earth’s rising temperature
Will a bazaar keep knocking at my head
Before going to sleep I close my books
Where trees hills buildings people are all drowned in black-n-white sorrow
And love looks like a disheveled nest

Before going to sleep I drive all scary images away
And close the windows
Put out my cigarette slide my slippers under the bed
Before going to sleep I drink a glass of water
And say water you remain around
I take a deep breath
And say air stay here between my lungs and these walls
Before going to sleep I say
Sleep give me at least a nice enough dream.