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Court Welfare Officer
Your teacher said we could talk in the café,
it is a marvellous building isn’t it?
Aren’t you lucky to be going to a school like this?
Purdy’s for you and a tea for me.
You like Purdy’s, do you?
Isn’t that ceiling marvellous?
You know the restoration work here is an inspiration.
Mmm. Well!
So why don’t you want to see your father?
You just don’t want to, is that what you are saying.
Just you don’t want to.
Well, you were all talk when I met you at home on Tuesday.
How come you can’t say anything now?
You are afraid of him?
You’ll have to tell me more than that.
I have to tell the judge more than that, you know.
I can’t understand why you’ve suddenly gone so quiet.
You were all talk yesterday about your drama class.
The judge will bend over backwards to get you to see him.
You know that, don’t you?
You will have to go into a room with him.
What’s not safe about it?
It’s nothing to worry about, I’ll be there too.
You have got to say more than you are saying if you want me to take you seriously.
Do you know it is your dad who pays the school fees?
He told me himself, yesterday.
He is very sad and I feel very sorry for him.
Yes, I think it’s very sad that you won’t see him when he is paying the fees.
Look at the beautiful ceiling and the stained glass windows.
Drink up, now. I have to go soon.
I can’t go back to the judge and tell him nothing, you know.
It’s not fair, the judge will say I am not doing my job properly.
You need to finish up that drink.
You must have something more to say.
I will be told that I am not doing my job properly.
And you will have to leave your drink behind you.