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Come the marrow-hours when he couldn't sleep,
the boy river-brinked and chorded.

Mud-bedded himself here in the root-mesh; bided.
Sieved our alluvial sounds—

Perseverating fiddler-crabs pockworking the pluff-mud;

(perforated) home-bank gurgle and seethe;

breathing burrow-holes, under-warrens,
(pitched) pent-forts, coverts;

a rabbity heart-hammering amongst the canes;

bleat of something;

sleeping Mama grinding (something) with her jaw;

Daddy rut-graving gravel driving off;

the desolated train-trestle rust-buckling —and falling;

an echo-tolling cast-iron skillet like a gong;

downrivering gone (gone) gone (gone);

Sylvia supper-calling her fish-camp fish with a bell;

putting her tea kettle! wren-calls on for the crying
marsh-wren orphans;

R.T. tale-telling down by Norton’s Store
"Where every Story cauls a Grief";

Daddy —nine-eyed, knee-walking— aisle-weeping at the Bi-Lo;

Mama mash-sucking sour loquats in the shed;

ire-salts quartzifying in the dark;

the caustics;

the fires;

far Fever Creek revival-tents hymning and balming;

bees thrive-gilding the glade;

hand-strang bottle-oaks (and intricated yardwire-works)
clocking and panging;

Viaduct Forge & Foundry beating time;

the bait-boys along the dock drum-dunting their buckets;

vowel-howling over the water;

the river;