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     Daddy goes.
Trolling and trawling and crawfishing and crabbing and
bass-boating and trestle-jumping bare into rust-brackish water
and cane-poling for bream and shallow-gigging too with a
nail-pointy broomstick and creek-shrimping and cooler-dragging
and coon-chasing and dove-dogging and duck-bagging and
squirrel-tailing and tail-hankering and hard-cranking and -shifting
and backfiring like a gun in his tittie-tan El Camino and
parking it at The House of Ham and Dawn’s Busy Hands and
Betty’s pink house and Mrs. Sweatman’s brick-house and
Linda’s dock-facing double-wide and spine-leaning Vicki
against her WIDE-GLIDE Pontiac and pumping for pay at Ray
Wade's Esso and snuff-dipping and plug-sucking and
tar-weeping pore-wise and LuckyStrike-smoking and Kool
only sometimes and penny-pitching and dog-racing and bet-losing
cocksuckmotherfuck and pool-shooting and bottle-shooting over
behind Tas-T-O’s Donuts and shootin’ the shit and chewin’ the fat
and just jawin who asked you and blank-blinking quick back at
me and whose young are you no-how and hounddog-digging
buried half-pints from the woods.