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(Written for the People’s Republic of China’s 60th anniversary)
At this moment China has no borders, no morning melodies, TV-station paralysis, one billion people wake up from under their skin; others enter from a different space;
At this moment there’s no future, ignore the past, future hasn’t ever happened, past’s been swallowed, past belonging to this moment, now the past is born again;
At this moment the weepy news warrior sits down with her dog-faced crew for dinner, and suddenly drops dead, exposed in the light of capitalist democracy, inspiration on ice cream;
This moment is China without government, traffic lights instruct my life;
No renovations at this moment, no demolishing this moment, and the past is humiliation, this the time to drink amnesia, and spit out what was forgotten;
Beijing changes shape this instant, possibility itself;
At this moment the party and the people have nurtured each other, so they are both organic; they have washed each other, hugged and cried in media art;
At this moment you only hear static, the Flying Spaghetti Monster sanctified Tian’anmen;
This moment is a naked guy from antiquity who went to teach in the west, he booked a plane ticket for tomorrow, which got cancelled, so he’s stuck in this moment, becoming a Buddha;
Instantly this space is joyful, Instant Cola, Coke goes bankrupt, we drink water we’re immortal