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Charter Sonnet
(to be read with electric guitar and Marshall amp; also known as ‘Charter 09’)
I demand the abolition of the subway’s automatic ticket checking system, continuing manual ticket checking until the world ends;
I demand that the whole of mankind have the right to vote for the president of the United States;
I demand an increase in birth control, the encouragement of same-sex marriage, and the imposition of fines on heterosexual marriage;
I demand the revision of constitutional law, deleting all semicolons and series commas;
I demand a ban on mahjong and KTV, the detainment of those who walk their dogs at 5 a.m., and the holding of regular poetry readings in police stations;
I demand the abolition of art and of changing one’s life;
I demand that salt be rubbed in wounds, that wine be poisoned, that a cold ass be pasted on every hot face;
I demand the erection of two amps the size of buildings and the holding of unattended noise concerts in scenic locales;
I demand that you and I be together, never to be separated;
I demand memories, black flowers, stars that shine above bicycles and turn into kids’ faces;
I demand the release of imprisoned words like “your mother’s cunt” and “Jiang Zemin”;
I demand demands, forbidden forbiddenments, annulled annulments, sneering sneers, and the tying up of the guy who’s always pouring out his heart;
I demand loud singing at the gates of hell and sleeping on the bus;
I demand that we maintain quiet . . .