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That job application
returned unopened
with a covering letter
thanking you for yr interest
and wishing you every 
success in yr future
career Gaudate Deum
close window close it
tight (well) with finality
and panache you know
how it is in the Temple of
Echoes of Work Once Done
and return to the main case …

Symbol-evolving pattern-
obsessed idealistic creature
of cruelty and kindness in the 
frustrating chaotic illogical
fantastic meaningless muck of
life you … stop and cede to
close window and return
to main page.

Strike a match, hold it steady,
things ignite the way you say
day goes into night, twist that
and scratch even if things are not
what they seem then close window
to return to main phase.

Look, mark it with yr pen,
the calendar says the 27th 
dot dot, a glint, in series,
in eternity, a tiny life – 
look up – cold, heat, light – 
that tendril following sun
through air rippled around a
stick thinking tra-la beyond thought … 

        seems to read the blurred
        print on the back of the 
        packet on the table amid
        the racket.

In reading something about
a 'linguistic event' I spotted
a misprint and went to pencil
it in but pencilled the same
word a line below by mistake
(in which that word was not
a misprint) – is that a linguistic
event or just a snippet from
a drifter's ballet? Bullet
snug in its chamber, quiet.
       Is blazoned on the back 
       of the packet on the table.
       Stir the soup, tug the cable.

Did Goethe privilege a grand
bourgeois outlook and combine
it with an art which cosmetically
screens out the wrinkles of reality?
I wonder, shaving this morning,
moonlight a delight, but red
a warning. 

       Is streaming down the side
       of the packet. A million
       things happen at once. Can
       you hack it? Dogs barking …

Which brings us round again – 
ladies step forward as the gents
fall back – to that job application
returned unopened this morning
thanking you for yr interest and
wishing you every success in yr
future career tra-la not so much
that you've just arrived but that
     you'll never get there.

I look, you look, you look, I do.
Dance. A berry drops from a tree.
Here we are. Now. Put that in yr CV.
Engendering a systemic glytch in
the catalyst-catharsis matrix over 
the Give/Receive pattern dynamic
so that it is impossible for us at
this moment in time to offer you a
dipped the brush-tip in then let fly 
to receptive paper listening-thinking
impossible to offer you a offer you a
              stamp those feet
                     & good