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The kookaburra begets the sacred kingfisher
who begets the rainbow bee-eater
who begets the firetailed finch
who begets the forty-spotted pardalote
who begets the damsel fly
who begets the jeweled beetle
who begets a pentangle of reflected light
that falls on a colony of dust mites
who beget particles of skin
blown from a hand in a moment of wonder
at the hard beauty of mathematics
or more precisely the language used to define it
as when a bubble tree mutates into something
indivisible like the tail-end
of the mating call of a powerful owl
driven to the margins of fields
night-vision can take in
until the dead and the soon-to-be-taken
have been filed away inside
your windy demographic
until you have what you think you need
which is anything you desire and more
provided your assessments
are based on the knowledge that living
creatures have no correct lineage
when it comes to this
making of phrase and fable this
learning how to arrive and be prayerful and leave