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A little Contra-Terrene matter among the pure shit of the poets –
The world’s inescapable evil that we must eat and sing.

– Thomas McGrath
Shit makes me
involuntarily hungry.
Shit or its wafting smell.
Rape makes me
involuntarily horny.
Rape or a scene of rape
Consent is
Involuntary sympathy
to voluntary movement.
Upon reflection,
agree not to resist
or prevent. 
Acquiesce and permit.
Antonyms that bind consent.
My bowels are bound
on cheese and fear.
Meaning my shit is bound
for another bright white port.
A port can be entered
more or less freely.
We dock ships there
after all. We dock the tails
of certain dogs that agree
with coercion
not to resist becoming
the breed they were born.
We breed certain people
and bind them.
I bind you and you
like it all right.
We bind others –
bound to be a man
and a woman –
and say let no man
put asunder.
Man makes
voluntary movements
with guns
and involuntarily
puts others asunder.
This makes
some horny,
Man makes
involuntary movements
with guns
and does the same,
upon reflection.
This makes some