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Let the virgins have a say,
  Have a right to write.
Let the blues not be far virgins
Centuries many virgins are healed
Not all virgins are boys or girls.
Reduce the age of space to the lands lovers
Re trench the hurt virgins when the mind is small
   And despair of hearts.
Don’t tragic the virgins path
     Man of mad breeds.
All virgins are poets.
Let no women’s say they not
Give the virgin garden of silents
Aloud enough to bring down devils
Of butterflies talks.
Let the virgin vote the government out of the entirely
Laws they made.
No episode sun shines without a virgins cry in the rainbow
Of moons of lips.
The sexes of virgins are sacred,
Ashes to lasting always was the virgin earth
But the bodies run human transforms.
By a virgin man’s