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מתוך:  צורת אדם

תמונה מולידה סולם
ברוח מולידים כסא לעוברי אורח
מביטים בעין ונוגעים
אישה ועצם עולים אל פני החלל
דמות מולידה עצם

Image breeds a ladder
In spirit they breed a chair for passers-by
Beholding the eye and touching
A woman and a bone rise up towards the face of space
Figure breeds a bone

Poet's Note: Automatically generated following Maimonides, aka Rambam, an influential Torah scholar and Jewish philosopher. In his 12th century Guide for the Perplexed he tried to combine Greek philosophy with Judaism, claiming almost everything can be generally expressed by about 40 words - the basic building blocks, or rather linguistic DNA of the world. So I built an automatic Jewish zen poem generator adhering to Maimonides language DNA rules.