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Art in America
               a smear of color and then as a girl in motion

                              the discomfort induced by this cross-wired
   carnal narcissism suggests a sort of discourse on
                the increasing denaturalization of nature and
the mechanization of creativity
                                which mines the
      organic geometry of genetic and cellular forms
                          to create compositions
                                                                       that attempt to fit the details of her own
                 into economically derived systems

                          obscured by a thick dollop of lustrous
           pale-pink oil paint
                       cryptic narratives

                                             map out the descent
                       from rural grace into suburban angst

                                                        an obsessive quest for order

notice the vicissitudes
        of personal existence
                                             travel endlessly in search
                                                     of the sublime
            realize the artifice
                     of your constructions