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The Wheelchair
The scar is a girl
and the wheelchair is a woman.
The crutch is butch.
The drugs are good.
The light is dry.
The air is paint.
The bed isn’t there.
The nurse wears a cape
and the doctor is a boy.
The wheelchair is there.
The scar is at a loss.
The wheel catches light
off the reflection
of water in a bag.
The bag is on a pole.
The walker is a man in blue pants.
The scar cream isn’t there.
The air is blue paint.
The light is a small girl
with her face in the pillow.
The crutch is a doctor
with a diamond on his forehead.
The diamond is a tunnel
with a one-way road.
The ambulance drives
towards the east.
The bed is dry paint
and the scar rejects the water.

The bag leaks a trickle of tiny blue diamonds.