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The Treachery of Images
The sun is a cymbal.
A cat is a bear.
An accordion is a frosted cupcake.

A gargoyle is a steering wheel.
The barber is a valley.
A tulip is a black and white film.

Architecture is a mustard sandwich.
A wild turkey is a forest.
The director is a fur sweater.

A mansion is a savage gown.
The guard is catnip.
A mink is a caveat.

The pipe is a magnolia tree.

The magnolia tree is a blanket.
The blanket is a flamingo.
The flamingo is a beach mat.
The beach mat is a soldier.
The soldier is a tangerine.
The tangerine is a villa.
The villa is a pony.
The pony is a peony growing
near an abandoned tool shed.