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Nothing else, but just a wil to live
There’s my beloved cat, Ping Ping.
There’re dead lice, dead nits & dead arrows at the front line.
There’s a multitude of lives in a world of wounds.
There’re plasters to redress those wounds.
There’s an anti-mosquito repellent.
There’s a God, having always been delayed, who insists,
“Tell me in advance.”
There’re cellophane boxes for take-away.
There’s this-actor-for-this-role in life.
There’s shooting from the back.
There’s a toddler clinging to her mother’s chest in a bullet.
There’re those who have never heard of nation-states. 
There’s a traditional spice that doesn’t go well with Ajinomoto.
There’s the media who knows the rights, but nothing else.
There’s you, of course.
There’s hunger.
There’s fumbling for the right characters on a computer keyboard.
There’s the will to survive. It doesn’t matter how.
My regal female cat Yomiya, Queen of the Household,
having had a spat with her last breath, screams,
“I will live on”
before she makes peace with the world & herself.
There’s no bottom line yet, but
it will be there.