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nude descending a liftshaft
she gets up removes her gender which
the mission wont require the nudes initials
arent tattooed as far as past observers
could tell were not privy its happening the
emptiness which freaks out conservatives
with their lift manuals & repertoires of
degas etcetera oh no does the operation
involve violence are the former touts
at bottom sing out nude of descending
vibrations i glanced at such a nude one
night while reading the well moonlite
the twyborn affair i descended into
the underworld of australian fiction
there are many emptinesses give me
the rough teeth the subliminal gums
the open mouth of the pub sloth
i & the visiting execs take the stairs
which afford a view of the empty city
theres nothing significant in this
conversationwise we think the nude
we hear wild animals in footsteps
some things are too heavy to carry
the invisible nude assumes a new
eroticism are there attendants first
aid givers insurance covers calmly
we await the crash with paperbacks
scoffing at the critical remarks
heard from radio news ambulance
workers secretaries so much wasted
ability a thought we read in each
others minds mentally slapping into
fictions our falls & little fetishes