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Valeria Tentoni
(Argentina, 1985)   
Valeria Tentoni

Valeria Tentoni, born in Bahía Blanca, 1985, is a writer and journalist.

Since 2011, she is the editor of the Audiotheque of Contemporary Poetry. She is the author of Batalla sonora (published in Chile by Manual Ediciones, 2009), Ajuar (which won the first price in Editorial Ruinas Circulares' contest in Buenos Aires, 2011) and Antitierra (again in Chile, by Libros del Pez Espiral, 2014). She is also the author of two short story collections: El sistema del silencio (17 Grises, Bahía Blanca, 2012) and Furia diamante, that came out in 2015 in the young writer's collection Leer es futuro from the Cultural Ministry of Argentina. She participated as a screenwriter in the movie El abrigo del viento, directed by Romina Haurie (Lupa Productora, 2013).

Tentoni also has been included in several anthologies, like young Latin American writers Voces -30 (Ebooks Patagonia, 2014) or Penúltimos. 33 poetas de Argentina 1965-1985, published in 2014 by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

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Batalla sonora, Manual Ediciones, Valparaíso, Chile, 2009
Ajuar, Editorial Ruinas Circulares, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011
Antitierra, Libros del Pez Espiral, Santiago de Chile, 2015

Short story
El sistema del silencio, 17 Grises Editora, Bahía Blanca, 2012
Furia diamante, Leer es Futuro, Ministerio de Cultura de La Nación, Buenos Aires, 2015

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