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Bahar Tavakoli
(Iran, 1989)   
Bahar Tavakoli

In Bahar Tavakoli's poetry there is no contrivance or device, the poem writes itself. One witnesses the intuitive sense of the poem unfold. One is waiting for the poem to arrive in its fulsomeness. Life and its poetic experience come before trope or technique.

Bahar Tavakoli is of Bakhtiari origin, born in Borujen which is a town in the middle of the Zagros Mountains in western Iran.

Bahar has qualifications in industrial management, business and international marketing. She is an active member of the Persian Poetry College and her poetry has been published in Poetry File. A selection of her poetry titled These Accidental Poems is being readied for publication.

© Abol Froushan

Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 1, Editors F Ghasemi Nejad, M Darabi, A Rajabian, August 2016

Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 2, Editor Ameneh Bajour, September 2016


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