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Sarya Abra
(Iran, 1985)   
Sarya Abra

Sarya Abra uses the idiomatic language of common sayings to create social and cultural subtexts on the subjects she deals with. This gives her poetry a multi-layered  quality, open to interpretation with a divergent structure.

Sarya Abra (pen name) was born in Falavarjan, in Isfahan province of Iran. She is a graduate in Information Technology from the University of Isfahan, and started writing poetry when she was twenty years old. After a hiatus, she published her first collection of poetry in 2005 under the title Unfinished Woman

She has reinvigorated her writing career since joining the Persian Poetry College, writing poetry in free verse as well as fiction and criticism. She is active in producing Poetry File magazine, as well as the website and production management for Poetry College. 

© Abol Froushan

Majaleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 10, Editor: Fatemeh Ghahreman Aug 2017


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