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Fatemeh Ghahremani
(Iran, 1991)   
Fatemeh Ghahremani

Fatemeh Ghahremani constructs the atmosphere of her poems through fresh use of daily objects ready to hand. In these poems her personal and social concerns are dealt with through the metaphoric use of these daily objects, giving her poems their imaginative quality.  

Fatemeh (Lulia) Ghahremani was born in Ardebil, Iran. She is a graduate in graphic design from the School of Fine Arts at Tabriz University. She has also been active as an experiential painter. She started her literary activity at Persian Poetry College and contributes to the graphic design of the Poetry File magazine, Poetry College website and Poetry Workshop, as well as the internal running of the College and teaching graphic design. 

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Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 5, Editor Mehdi Naderi & Ayoub Ahrari, January 2017
Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 9, Editors Fatemeh Gharmenani & Ayoub Ahrari, June 2017


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