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Ayoub Ahrari
(Iran, 1995)   
Ayoub Ahrari

Ayoub Ahrari considers it his poetic duty to protest against repressive cultural norms, explicitly rendering the tacit and the illicit. In both "Pool Party" and "Wank" we confront the erotic with the purpose of challenging cultural taboos, and offering an alternative gaze at the erotic.

Born in Bandar Abbas, a sourhern port in Iran, Ayoub Ahrari has collaborated with Persian Poetry College since its beginning. He is active in poetry and criticism and manages different sections of the College. 

© Abol Froushan

Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 4, Editor Mojtaba Darabi, December 2016
Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 8, Editors Fatemeh Gharmenani & Mohammad Moravej, April 2017
Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 10, Editor. Fatemeh Ghahremani, August 2017


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