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Saeed Banaie
(Iran, 1995)   
Saeed Banaie

Saeed Banaie's poetry has a strong tendency towards crossing literary genres, mixing poetry and prose and playing with textured language. He often makes use of scientific concepts and writes poetry that is experiential. 

Saeed Banaie was born in the county of Behbahan in the province of Khuzestan, Iran. He is a medical student at the School of Medicine at the University of Jondi Shapour. He is an active member of the Persian Poetry College, in charge of engagement with global poets. Saeed Banaii is a director of the College's internal operations. 

© Abol Froushan

Majeleh File Sher (Poetry File Magazine) Issue 11, Editor Lulia Ghahremani, September 2017


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