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Yu Xiuhua
(China, 1976)   
Yu Xiuhua

Yu Xiuhua (余秀华) is an emerging star in China, a woman poet that The New York Times selected as one of the eleven most courageous women around the world in 2017. Born with a disability in the rural area of Hubei province (Hengdian village in Zhongxiang county) in central China, she became well-known overnight in 2014 with her online poem 'Crossing Half of China to Sleep with You'. Her debut book came out in early 2015 with 15,000 copies sold in one day. A farmer with cerebral palsy who has been posting poems online since 2009, Yu was awarded the annual Poetry Prize in 2015 and the Haizi Poetry Prize in 2016 in China.

Yu Xiuhua is featured in Poets from the Land of Chu


The New York Times on Yu Xiuhua


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