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(UK, 2012)   

These poems by Full-FACE, that is, Simon Colton et al, are based on specific articles that appeared in the British newspaper, the Guardian. According to the makers of Full-FACE, the poems here are the product of

a corpus-based poetry generation system which uses templates to construct poems according to given constraints on rhyme, meter, stress, sentiment, word frequency and word similarity. Moreover, the software constructs a mood for the day by analysing newspaper articles; uses this to determine both an article to base a poem on and a template for the poem; creates an aesthetic based on relevance to the article, lyricism, sentiment and flamboyancy; searches for an instantiation of the template which maximises the aesthetic; and provides a commentary for the whole process to add value to the creative act. We describe the processes behind this approach, present some experimental results which helped in fine tuning, and provide some illustrative poems and commentaries. We argue that this is the first poetry system which generates examples, forms concepts, invents aesthetics and frames its work, and so can be assessed favourably with respect to the FACE model for comparing creative systems.

© Abol Froushan

A report of the project in PDF: Simon Colton, Jacob Goodwin and Tony Veale: Full-FACE Poetry Generation


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