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Dahlia Ravikovitch
(Mandatory Palestine, 1936–2005)   
Dahlia Ravikovitch

Dahlia Ravikovitch was born in Ramat Gan, Israel in 1936. Her language, rich inner life and extreme sensitivity have won her an enthusiastic readership in Israel and abroad as one of the most brilliant and versatile Israeli poets. More than 10 of her books have seen print to date, most of them poetry.

© Rami Saari (Translated by Lisa Katz)

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The Love of an Orange (1961)
A Hard Winter (1965)
The Third Book (1970)
All Your Storms and Waves (a collection, 1971)
The Abyss Calls (1978)
A Death in the Family (stories, 1986)
True Love (1987)
Mother With Child (1992)
All the Poems Till Now (a collection, 1995)
Winnie Mandela's Football Team (stories, 1997)
Half an Hour Before the Monsoon (1998)


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