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Shimon Adaf
(Israel, 1972)   
Shimon Adaf

Shimon Adaf was born in 1972 in Sderot, a small town in Southern Israel. Adaf’s parents immigrated to Israel from Morocco and his background has sometimes played a dominant part in his writing.

Adaf's first poems were published in literary magazines when he was about twenty years old. After military service Adaf moved to Tel Aviv, where he currently lives, and joined a rock band, Ha-Atsula ('Aristocracy'), as a song writer and acoustic guitar player. At the same time he was a founding member of the literary group Ev. In 1996 Adaf was awarded the Israeli Ministry of Education's Award for his first collection of poems. Between 1996 and 2000 he studied at Tel Aviv University and wrote articles on literature, film and rock music. Currently Adaf works as literary editor for the Keter Publishing House.

Books Published in Hebrew:

Ha-monolog shel Iqarus (Icarus' Monologue). Gvanim, 1997.
Ma she-xashavti tsel hu ha-guf ha-amitti (What Which I Thought Shadow is the Real Body). Keter, 2002.

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