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Ben Younes Majen
(Morocco, 1946)   
Ben Younes  Majen

Ben Younes Majen was born in 1946 in Oujda, Morocco. He is now living and working in London. In 1968 he left Morocco for France as a contracted manual worker, but in 1970 he moved from Paris to London. He is at present working for the British Library in the Arabic and Turkish section.

Ben Younes Majen writes poetry in Arabic, French, and English.As a matter of fact, he started writing poetry at the age of eighteen and has published five books of poetry, three of them in Arabic, and two in French.
He holds an MA in translation studies from the University of Westminster.

Anashid lil Dabab (poems, London:1988)
Masamat (poems, Beirut:1993)
Cahier d’un immigre (poems, Paris:1994)
Brisure d’ombres (poems, Paris : 1998)
Limadha la Yamutu al-Bahr (poems, Cairo : 2002)



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