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Mohammed Bennis
(Morocco, 1948)   
Mohammed  Bennis

Born in Fez, Morocco in 1948. A major figure in Modern Moroccan poetry. Ph.D holder, and professor of Arab poetry at the faculty of letters, Rabat. In 1971 he founded the literary review Attakafa Aljadida which was decisive in the creation of a Modernist sensitivity in Morocco during the seventies. He is president of the House of Poetry in Morocco, and one of its founders.

His poetical works include:
Before Speech
Towards Your Vertical Voice
Leaf of Splendor
The River between Two Funerals.

He also wrote an influential critical thesis entitled Modern Arab Poetry: Structure and Transmutations, published in 4 volumes.

His Complete Poetical Works were published in 2002.

From Hieroglyphs

On Lyrikline you can find additional information (in German) about Mohammed Bennis and hear him read his poems.



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