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Yonadav Kaploun
(Australia, 1963)   
Yonadav Kaploun

Yonadav Kaploun was born in Melbourne and moved to Israel as a child with his parents, who emigrated from Australia in 1970. He has lived in Jerusalem ever since. Kaploun was educated in the Torah schools of the Chabad-Lubavitcher stream of Judaism, continuing at the Rabbi Kook Central Yeshiva.

Kaploun makes his living as a teacher of the Bible, Kabbala, theories of Hassidism, modern poetry and creative writing, in many educational frameworks, for young people and for teachers. In addition to his books of poetry, he writes essays and criticism for daily newspapers and most Israeli literary magazines. He is married to Yona (a homeopathic practitioner and an artist whose medium is silk) and the father of four teenagers.



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